XL6.3, 6CE+, XL7, XL8
Win, Mac, OSX


SimpleMaker reduces the number of points of Polygon objects, while attempting to conserve the original shape of the object.

New in V2.2
OSX /6CE+ support

only plane areas

Usage of the plugin is very simple. After selecting a Polygon object, click on SimpleMaker in the plugin menu.

In the dialog box, you can choose the desired number of points. SimpleMaker will reduce the polygons until this number is achieved.

You can also decide to minimize the resulting number of triangles. It is impossible to reduce polygons without creating triangles - even if the original object did not contain any. During reducton, non-planar rectangles are generated; if they are strongly bent, rendering errors may appear.

Furthermore, you can guide SimpleMakers' reduction process by defining priorities: should small irregularities within large surfaces be smoothed out, or should these be preserved.

Original version Smoothe Details


SimpleMaker can not know which parts of an object are important.

  • During Smoothing, SimpleMaker removes small bumps, since the overall impression is not affected, but many polygons can be saved.
  • With the method Details, SimpleMaker tries to converve small details as long as possible.

Consequently, in case of doubt, try both methods, and choose the one more appropriate for your model. SimpleMaker creates a new object, and does not modify the original.

Batch Reduction

If you group all objects into a Null Object, you can automatically reduce i.e. 100 objects by 75%. To do this, simply select the Null Object, and then choose SimpleMaker. The slider gives an indication of the degree of reduction.  

Selective Reduction

It is often necessary to reduce only parts of an object. Simply select the desired polygons or points; SimpleMaker then only reduces these parts. Naturally, the border to the non-reduced areas is completely conserved.

The example shows the smoothing of a single eye brow.


Conservation of tags and textures

The new version of SimpleMaker conserves all tags of the original object. In doing so, point and polygon selections, as well as vertex maps, are automatically corrected. SimpleMaker even goes one step further, and attempts to conserve proportions and borders.


The example on the left hand shows a texture for the lips. This texture was limited to the polygon selection. The reduction of the skin and of the lips is clearly visible, but at the same time, the border between lips and skin is preserved in its original form.

Of course the UVW-tags are also adapted to the new object, as shown in the picture on the right.

  SimpleMaker also reduces complex objects. Here, the body, the dress and the hair, including the selections and UV-maps, are grouped into one object. The original object (20.000 points) has been reduced to 5.000 points.


The unregistered version runs automaticly as Freeware, and can reduce objects with up to 10.000 points.

Full version

The unlimited version has no limitations on the number of points.
Batch reduction
Selective reduction
Conservation of tags and textures


1. Payment
2. Download
  Win Mac / OS X
XL6.3 / 6CE+ SimpleMakerXL6_V22.sit
XL7.3 SimpleMakerXL7_V22.sit
XL8 SimpleMakerV7 work on this Cinema version. A special XL8 version comming soon.
>= XL9 Please use the SimpleMakerPro !
3. Register

Registered updates

new Cinema serial number ? --> new registration code

You can enter the old registration key or copy the file "register.txt" in the new folder.

      register.txt <-- please copy this file into the new folder or enter your old registration key in the dialog box

Version history

- OSX, 6CE+ Support

- optimized for XL7/8
- better status bar
- OSX support

2.0 Full version
- batch reduction
- selective reduction
- conservation of tags and textures

1.2 Free version
- generate better mashs

1.1 Free and full version
- english version
- reduced objects have the same position as the original

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