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Are your objects always perfect in all places? The finger exactly the correct tool for it. Wipe simple with the mouse over the places concerned. Exactly in these places the polygons are optimally reduced.

You need to give thereby no consideration to texture and object borders, because the Finger watches out for everything. Naturally thereby all relevant tags are adapted.

The function mode is somewhat different than with the SimpleMakerPro, because you select the Polygone themselves. The finger implements only the desired reduction.

Thus you however not inadvertently the object to strongly strangers, can specify you some limit values. For example if the developing error is larger than indicated, then the reduction is not accomplished. Instead the Polygon is represented red or in the indicated color.

Method Those are the same as with the SimpleMakerPro.
Max.polygons per point The reduction can be only accomplished, if thereby no more than the indicated number of polygons are attached on one point.
No degeneration If during the reduction polygons degenerate or it comes to surface defects, do not reduce then better.
Boundary weight The priority for texture and object borders. This should be generally larger than the maximum error.
Max. error Only if the resulting error is smaller than indicated, the reduction may be accomplished.
Polygon color If a reduction is not possible in the indicated limits, then the polygon with this color is represented.

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