XL7, XL8, XL9, XL10, XL11
Win, Mac, OSX UB


Mr.Pepper Shader (starting from XL8.2)


Difference map (Normal map)

You need a polygon object with UV map and one pong tag. Use this parameters for the pong tag.
Mr.Pepper stores its information in UV coordinates. Put the Shader into the Bump channel.
As texture Mr.Pepper is selected. A strength of 100% means that Mr.Pepper has full control.
Select the suitable texture and the setup are finished.  

Displacement map

You load the displacement map simply into the channel. Strength 100% and as type “Intensity (Centered)” is exactly correct. Mr.Pepper produced a txt file with the same name as the DisplcacementMap. This contains the calculated height.

Of course you can switch on also for sub polygon displacement. Then you do not need however the normal map. Also thereby the render time and the storage requirement increase.

GI simulation

This gray tone texture shows the lighting of the object. You can mix these directly in Cinema with the original texture. Or you multiplies both textures in a PhotoShop and puts the new texture into the color channel.

* =
old texture   GI map   new texture


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